Exposed! The Honest Truth About Hammer of Thor

Men not really satisfied with their sexual performance or those who do not feel manly enough often try several different male enhancing methods, including pills, supplements, ointments, creams, vacuum pumps and even surgery, to turn the situation around. If you walk into a supplement store or search online you will find that now there are more non surgical male enhancement options available than ever before. Of them, male sexual enhancement pills are the most used and immensely popular method among men wanting to increase their sex drive, stamina, and sexual pleasure.

Hammer of Thor is one such supplement aimed at increasing penis size, sexual stamina, or sex drive (libido). The question is, do any of these male enhancement and male enlargement techniques really work? Unfortunately, most are a waste of money, and many are downright dangerous! So, think twice before trying any of them.

Is the Hammer of Thor supplement also worthless? Well, read this article further to know the shocking facts about this product. But before digging deep into the topic let’s first understand what causes low sex drive and why some young men lose their sexual desire. Other than chronic illnesses and medications, low testosterone level in the body is the major cause of low libido, no sex drive and minimal sexual desire in men. Concisely, testosterone deficiency can wreak havoc on your sex life. But, thankfully, this hormone imbalance is treatable and can be bring back to its normal range with both natural as well as artificial ways.

These days, plant-based, or more commonly known as herbal testosterone boosters are available in a variety of forms to deal with the sexual problems caused due to the low T. But, not all the pills and supplements that claim to boost sex drive or enhance manhood are genuine. So you need to be extra cautious while choosing any of them. Hammer of Thor is also one of the supplements that widely claims to increase the size of your manhood and thus your libido, but these claims are just as fake as the product itself.

The internet is jam-packed with complaints and negative reviews posted by the users of Hammer of Thor capsules. Most users say they did not get desired results and at the end of the day felt duped. Some even reported side effects and severe health problems after using these capsules.

What Hammer of Thor Promises?

This supplement promises to deliver following benefits in just two weeks:

According to Hammer of Thor manufacturer and sellers, the capsules contain a powerful blend of sex-enhancing ingredients including Tongkat Ali, lichen Cladonia rangiferina, Elephantopus scaber, Pithecellobium, safed musli, shilajit and Ashwagandha. Some websites claim the product also contains Coastal snail extract in its concentration. All these ingredients are already known to treat sexual problems naturally. According to the manufacturers, herbal formula used to prepare these capsules helps boost natural production of testosterone in men’s body, restores full blood flow to the genitals, increases a man’s ability to last longer in the bed and reduces erectile dysfunction.

Fake Promises!

But, wait! Do not trust these claims blindly as Hammer of Thor is absolutely fake. Nothing will happen even months after taking these capsules and you will eventually end up wasting a large amount of money on this worthless product. The supplement is completely incapable of increasing your T level and sex drive. Why this supplement can not be trusted, you ask? First of all, the company has no scientific data and evidence that can prove the authenticity of these capsules.

No clinical studies are carried out to establish safety and efficacy of this supplement. Moreover, the Hammer of Thor manufacturer claims to include many top quality ingredients in their product but it did not list them in the label of the bottle. This makes us largely doubtful about the product's authenticity. Furthermore, if you try to contact Hammer of Thor online, several websites will pop up, all claiming to be the original dealer of Hammer of Thor but, surprisingly, no one will be providing manufacturing license number, official e-Mail, phone number or address. The worst part is the company offers no money-back guarantee. Obviously, the company is just here to make money by fooling innocent people.

The bottom line is simple - Hammer of Thor is not backed by science, and it is based on false formula, misleading testimonials, unreliable user feedback and dubious before-and-after pictures of users. For an honest review of Hammer of Thor capsules, do visit Our final word of advice is that be extra cautious and fully aware of the consequences of using fake products like Hammer of Thor as they can cause great harm to your body and health.

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